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Postby webmaster » Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:41 am

Gibraltar seems to be on eveyones "hit list" the first time they come to the Costa del Sol, so I am including it on ther forum and I hope that others will offer their advice. There are so many coach trips that I will leave it to someone with experience of them to offer advice.
Apart from the "British" shopping experience - Safeway, now Morrisons - supermarket where ex-pats can stock up on tea bags, marmite and other such "British" essentials, I reckon that that one trip is enough to take in all of Gibraltar.
The nature reserve that is the upper rock must be included, as it offers spectacular views, the entertaining apes, St Michaels cave and plenty of interesting history - Military and Moorish.

The upper rock is OPEN daily from 9:30 am until dusk and costs £1.50 for a vehicle plus £5 for each adult and £2.50 for each child. These prices do include admission to caves etc.

Took a shopping trip this week and made some notes that those of you planning a trip may find useful. The route from Benalmadena to Gib using the Motorway was 120 km and took 1hr 15mins and cost 6.25 euros in tolls (tolls go up in the summer). we queued for 20 minutes to get in to Gib and just over an hour to leave. Filled up with petrol at .57p litre.

click here for duty free allowances
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Dolphin Watching

Postby Resident » Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:48 am

Gibraltar also offers virtually guranteed dolphin watching trips.
Dolphin World, Waterport Wharf & Marina Bay 9567 544 81000
Original Dolphin Safari, Marina Bay 9567 71914 or 607290400
also a chance of spotting Pilot Whales

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