Cueva de Nerja

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Cueva de Nerja

Postby Resident » Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:29 pm

Being as the visiting Grandchildren turned us into "holidaymakers" we decided to visit some of the other attractions that we have managed to sidestep since we have lived here. Sunday was absolutely glorious so we took the coast road from Malaga to Nerja and took in the Nerja Cave. I have often seen the roadsigns and I know that it is a popular coach trip destination. The cave was only discovered in 1959 and has been developed on an ongoing basis for the tourists. It is now very well laid out above ground with gardens, picnic areas, cars parks (1 euro) gift shops and restaurants etc. The caves I should think were amazing when they were discovered and atmospheric BUT after queuing to pay 7 euros each we joined a file of visitors and ebtered the sanitised cave.
European health & safety rules have been employed and concrete stairways with nice safe handrails take you into a not very interesting underworld. Having visited caves worldwide I could only advise that with nothing else to do on a dull day I would give it a look, otherwise settle for visiting their excellent web site


Ps. If you are visiting Nerja make sure that you visit The Balcon de Europe And Burriana Beach - Park at or near one and walk along the beach to the other

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