Crocodile Park

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Crocodile Park

Postby Resident » Tue May 30, 2006 9:44 am

As holidaymakers we visited all of the theme parks and Emily was insistent that we go to see the crocodiles in Torremolinos, I was not really looking forward to it, but I was wrong again. After strolling around looking and the inanimate crocs, the children were convinced that they were not real. But they enjoyed the side pens of dwarf goats, emus, racoons and a lake full of ducks with ducklings. Anyway, the guided tour was excellent and informative with a troop of visitors trailing after the guide who happily jumped in and out of the pens prodding the crocs with his big stick and forcing some violent reactions, he succeeded in establishing that they are indeed alive. His commentary in spanish and English was both entertaining and educational. The highlight however was feeding time at the "baby" croc pool, where dozens of juveniles, up to about 1.5 metres thrashed into action when the keeper tossed in their lunch. A fascinating glimpse of the primeval world as the battled and spun to secure their share of the meal.

its good to have the children as an excuse to visit these places,


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